Cloudscapes - A New Art Installation Enhances Jacksonville Airport Concourse

If you have traveled by air recently, you may have noticed The Jacksonville International Airport Art Commission's new additions to their permanent Public Art collection. Stunning images of clouds executed in Venetian glass mosaic tiles are located at the entry to the men's and women's restrooms in the new airport concourse. The installation by artist Norma Greenwood titled, "Cloudscapes," brings a fresh and vivid look to the brand new JAX terminal. According to Greenwood, "Cloudscapes" offers a perfect transition between sky and earth. These mosaic murals are meant to be dramatic yet restful, a brief lull in the journey". Working with a team from Bisazza Tiles , the artist translated photographs of clouds into the medium of mosaic tile. The result is an organic image that plays against the stainless steel architectural accents of the airport. The colors of the murals are a happy echo of the tricolor terrazzo flooring and serve to anchor these ethereal clouds to earth.In addition, Greenwood will be showing ten oil paintings in a group art show located throughout the Jacksonville International Airport.