My studio is located on Union Square, a neighborhood filled with activity, variety, and surprises. It is a huge contrast to the calm and light-filled studio that’s been my second home for more than two decades.  
The studio is in a unique landmarked building that was designed with artists in mind. The entire top floor has studios with skylights, a feature that has been enjoyed by artists for over a century.The moment I open the door I feel inspired, oil paints, drawing supplies and a collection of collage materials are handy, organized, and available.  
I usually start the day listening to jazz on my vintage KLH transistor radio-one of my most prized possessions. A chair shaped like a flower with worn red paint and gifted to me by a studio mate sits facing the south-east window Currently, I am working on a new series of mixed media paintings as well as commissioned portraits.  I am so grateful to have this wonderful creative space.